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  • 14 December 2016

    The visit was organized by Polish Consulate General in Chicago as a scientific diplomacy project funded by the Department of Public and Cultural Diplomacy of the Polish Foreign Ministry.

    Polish scientists visited the Argonne National Laboratory, one of the main U.S. research and development centers administered by the U.S. Department of Energy in collaboration with the University of Chicago.

    The delegation of Polish physicists was headed by Professor Marek Stankiewicz. Polish achievements in synchrotron research were also presented by Professor Jacek Kołodziej from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Professor Marcin Sikora from the AGH University of Science & Technology from Kraków and Professor from the University of Silesia.

    SOLARIS is Poland’s first synchrotron, i.e. a large-scale, multi-user and multidisciplinary facility, offering state-of-the-art research opportunities for many disciplines of science. Over the last three decades, synchrotron light has supported cutting-edge research in physics, chemistry and material science, and has opened up many new areas of research in fields such as medicine, geological and environmental studies, structural genomics and archeology. The availability of technologically advanced facilities such as synchrotrons contributes to enhancing education and training, stimulating hi-tech companies and services, providing new options for the research oriented industry and the creation of new jobs.

    The Argonne National Laboratory is home to, among other things, the Advanced Photon Source, a synchrotron-radiation light source research facility established in 1995. Using high-brilliance X-ray beams from the APS, members of the international synchrotron-radiation research community conduct forefront basic and applied research in the fields of materials science and biological science, physics and chemistry, environmental, geophysical and planetary science and innovative X-ray instrumentation.

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