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  • The granting of Polish citizenship


    In accordance with article 18 of the Polish Citizenship Act of 2 April 2009 (Journal of Laws 2012, item 161), Polish citizenship shall be granted to a foreigner by the President of the Republic of Poland.


    • Polish citizenship can be granted to a foreigner upon his/her request and to a minor upon the request of his legal guardians
    • the granting of Polish citizenship to both parents extends to a minor in their custody
    • the granting of Polish citizenship to one of the parents extends to a minor in his/her custody, if: the other parent has no parental custody, the other parent has submitted a declaration before the consul to the effect that he/she consents to the acquisition or the loss of Polish citizenship by the minor
    • children between the ages of 16 and 18 shall submit additional declarations in which they consent to being granted Polish citizenship


    Applicants residing permanently abroad shall submit their applications through the Consulate of the Republic of Poland competent for the applicant’s place of residence.


    Documents required:


    1. application form to be granted Polish citizenship – appendix 1
    2. one passport-size photograph
    3. documents confirming personal data and information set out in the application form, specifically:
    • documents confirming identity and citizenship
    • documents authorizing the individual to reside or stay in Poland
    • certified copies of birth certificate, marriage certificate or other documents indicating marital status
    • documents confirming identity and citizenship of a spouse and a minor/minors
    • documents confirming the holding of Polish citizenship by parents or more distant ancestors
    • documents confirming the loss of Polish citizenship by a foreigner, his/her child/children or his/her ancestors
    • documents confirming the acquisition of foreign citizenship by a foreigner or his/her child/children if he/she used to hold Polish citizenship in the past
    • documents confirming the source of income
    • documents confirming  professional achievements, political and social activity.


    All copies of Polish and American documents must be certified by a consul to be true. Vital records shall be enclosed in their original forms.  All documents spelled out  in foreign languages must be translated into Polish and their translation certified by a consul.




    The Consulate may require additional documentsThe Consulate shall implement the processing of applications only upon receipt of complete documentation.

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