• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • Confirmation of Polish citizenship or its loss:


    In accordance with article 55 (1) of the Polish Citizenship Act of 2 April 2009 (Journal of Laws 2012, item 161), a valid Polish passport or ID confirm Polish citizenship.


    Citizens who are not holders of documents confirming Polish citizenship or whose personal data and citizenship cannot be determined, may obtain the confirmation of Polish citizenship or its loss.


    A decision on the confirmation of Polish citizenship or its loss is issued by a voivode.


    Applicants residing permanently abroad shall submit an application form through the Consulate of the Republic of Poland competent for the applicant’s place of residence.


    Documents required:


    1. application for confirmation of Polish citizenship or its loss – appendix 1
    2. document indicating a process agent in Poland i.e. a person entitled to receive correspondence in Poland - appendix 2.
    3. relevant documents to establish if a person holds Polish citizenship (birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of baptism, copies of parents’ or grandparents’ Polish documents, etc.)

    If there was a change to the name or surname, the applicant shall submit documents confirming this fact (marriage certificate, change of name).

    1. original of an ID (for viewing) or a certified photocopy of a current ID along with pages with official annotations
    2. if applicants were born outside of the territory of Poland they are obliged to present an unabridged birth certificate containing the applicant’s parents’ names along with its translation
    3. vital records determining the applicant’s marital status (marriage certificate, divorce document or death certificate of a spouse)
    4. if justified, a U.S. Certificate of Naturalization shall be submitted for viewing


    All copies of Polish and American documents shall be certified by a consul to be true. All documents spelled out in a foreign language shall be translated into Polish and their translation certified by a consul.





    The processing of cases relating to the confirmation of Polish citizenship is commenced on the day of receipt of documents at the competent Voivodship Office in Poland.

    The Consulate and Voivodship Office may require for the application to be complemented. Any missing documents can be sought at registry offices or archives.


    If finding the competent archive turns out problematic, one may request the assistance of the Main Directorate of National Archives, Central Bureau of Archival Information (00-950 Warszawa, ul. Długa 6, skr. pocz. 1005).


    The Consulate shall implement the processing of applications only upon receipt of complete documentation.

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